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Fundraising Activities at Tamahere Model Country School

A huge effort by all the 
Puiri 5 class has raised $41NZ in gold coin donations.

A really big thank you to Briar and Summer for making cup cakes to help raise money. 
Briar's letter to the class ... 

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me and supported me in preparation for this swim.

Duncan, thanks for your support during all the training sessions. I have enjoyed sharing the journey with you and I have no doubt you will succeed in your own Channel attempt this year.

Stevo, thanks for lapping me every morning and reminding me that I need to train more. Your commitment and dedication is amazing, even if you are a bit grumpy in the mornings. Ps. I have booked you in for a channel swim in 2011.

Bini, thanks in advance for being on the boat in September. It will be great to have you there pushing me along.

Talbot (aka Max), thanks for pushing me in the pool and the gym. There is nothing like a bit of rivalry to get the most out of someone. Oh and thank you for always letting me win.

Ben M, thanks for kicking my butt over the summer and for joining in on some of my long swims. I hope you will be allowed back sometime soon. 

Benna (aka the battler), thanks for letting me swim in your pool over winter and Jimbo (Jumbo) for letting me get fatter than you this one time.

Buster, thanks for putting your wedding a week before my swim, just so you will look skinny in your wedding photos.

Thanks to all the swimmers:

ABC Pool: Ben, Rod, Shep (Sam), Shep (Jason), Dave, Simon, Simon, Col, Scotty, Todd, Anel, Kelly, Matt, Charm and everyone else that has put up with my jokes at 6am.

Cook and Phillip: Stevo, Duncan, Becci, Doug, Scott, Conrad, Candice, Col, Scotty and Talb (Did he come down at least once Stevo?)

Bondi Icebergs: Fat Max, Amy, Bindiiii, Junior, Senior, Shep, Marnie, Lacy, Tinker Bell, Marcus, Benchpress, Scotty, Buster (1995 only) and of course the handicappers for letting me drop the anchor.

Clare and all the other members of TOSS. (Tamarama Ocean Swimming Squad)

‘In and out’ crew at Bondi. Talbot, Ben, Dave, Ant, Scott, Todd, Clare and Kelly. We need to get back out there this summer.

The Bondi Brontos, The Portsea Pie Eaters, DBAFC Bang, as well as The Watson Bay, The Bridge to Manly and the Big Swim teams

PowerPoint’s squad in Melbourne.

Balmoral Beach Club members who supported me through those long swims. 

Thanks to the other supporters:

Thank you to all my support crew in Perth who got me through Rottnest 2009 and Rottnest 2010. Matt Webber and Chris Ramsay – the paddlers. Eleanor McCormac and Dad – the crew. Captain Kevin Castersen (Boat Driver and Navigator).

Thank you to everyone at Macquarie that have supported (and put up with) me along the way, in particular, the MAS Sales and Marketing team.

Thanks to the old blokes at the Brighton Baths who told me to get back in the water and stop complaining about the cold.

Thanks to all the boys: Benna, Jimbo, Roberto, Picko, Gator, Kenneth, Dingle, Ollie, Dave and everyone else in Melbourne. Buster, Henri, Backdoor, Max, Fester, Quafie, J-man, Chappas, Jnr, Snr, JShep and everyone else in Sydney

Thanks to Mr and Mrs Pinson for the home cooked meals to help fatten me up.

And of course thanks to the special people:

Thanks to Mum for Dad for absolutely everything.

Thanks to Richard, Jo, Briar and Summer.

Thanks to Laura for being so patient with my training and supporting me every step of the way. I could not have done this without you. Ps. I promise to get back under 100kgs by Christmas.

Swimming Coaches

Vladimir Mravec (Vlad)
Vlad, thanks for you passion and enthusiasm. You have been an amazing support over the past 5 months. Thank you so very much - you have been fantastic!!!

Matt Webber - Swim-In-Tune
Matt, thanks for all the training sessions at ABC and getting me (and Dad) through Rottnest in 2009. 400 front quarter!!!

Charmian Frend
Charm, thanks for the sessions at ABC and for sending me back in the water at Balmoral for those extra miles. "Get back in the water! It is not 6 hours yet!"

Steve Garner
Steve, thanks for letting us take over lane 6.


Susie, thanks for fattening me up so quickly and for the tip on vegemite sandwiches.


Jerome Murphy
Jerry, thanks for keeping my shoulders and neck together.  

Gold Supporter


Other Supporters


English Channel, English Channel Swim, Cameron, Cameron Spittle, Spittle, Australian, Swim, English Channel Swimmers, Training, Videos, Photos,